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I don’t do xmas trees but…

by bdu on Dec.24, 2008, under media, pictures

This is the next best thing:

Hope you all have a safe and bleep-ful holiday season.

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Random gates – analog version

by bdu on Dec.24, 2008, under audio, drum machines, media, modular, plug-ins, software

Like I said in the last post, couldn’t wait to get home and try it with the modular.

In this installment, I replaced the timbres, now we have a real (distorted) 808 playing the static drum beat, and the modular being played by the midi output of my custom modules in plogue bidule. This time the pitch input of the random clock module is being fed by a short repeating sequence I played and looped into the sequencer…

The modular patch is very similar to the one used from this post, but with the self-playing part of the patch yoinked out and replaced with the gate output of the Doepfer midi->cv/gate converter module. Also, I went ahead and made the whole thing pitched, played from that same module. So yes, you can play FMed sine oscs through lowpass gates in a melodic way, and no, it doesn’t sound half bad when you do so, if you’re careful to tune things properly. Lastly, it’s slathered in reverb-ish delay courtesy of Audio Damage’s Ricochet multi-tap delay.

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pseudo-random clocking

by bdu on Dec.24, 2008, under audio, drum machines, media, modular, pictures, plug-ins, software

I spent some time in Plogue Bidule today wiring up a pseudo random clock midi note generator.

This object takes a midi clock as an input, then chooses (randomly) various divisions of that clock to output midi notes. The midi pitches are either hard-set internal to the object or with external midi input. You can weight the divisions heavier by adding that division’s number multiple times in the number text field.

In the example audio below, the notes were chosen by a pseudo-random note generator I patched up awhile back, similar in function to this random gate generator, but for notes instead of gate divisions. The resulting midi was played by the Magical 8bit Plug, with D16’s Nepheton providing the static beat underneath so you can hear the original clock speed unaltered.

I’m looking forward to letting this bad boy loose on my modular, where I was intending on using it primarily as a clock source via midi->cv/gate conversion.

It’s worth mentioning that doing something like this in a pseudo-random way is the most difficult form, once you have that, it’s mostly a matter of *removing* bits of the module to, for instance, make one that switches divisions based upon the value of a midi CC input.

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Bleeping away

by bdu on Dec.20, 2008, under audio, media, modular

Thanks to the generosity of a friend, I now have 6u of Doepfer up and running to go with the 6u of Analogue Systems I put together last weekend. This houses around half of the modules I own, which is certainly enough to have a lot of fun.

I spent the evening bleeping away in classic fashion with FMed model 15s and spiked Doepfer LPGs. Here’s a minute and a half of the self-playing patch:

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by bdu on Dec.19, 2008, under DIY, ICs, acquisitions, media, modular, pictures

The SN76477N was a TI tone generator chip intended for video games, but, of course, found new life in modules like Blacet’s Dark Star Chaos.

Recently, it’s been used in a couple of Thomas Henry designs like the SN-Voice and the Super Controller.

BGMicro put up some stock of the chip for sale, and it’s relatively inexpensive, so I grabbed a couple. I already had one for my (as of yet unbuilt) SN-Voice, but needed another for a Super Controller board to go with it. They arrived quite fast, actually…

Note that these are the “thin body” versions of the chip, some older designs may require an adaptor if they were intended for use with the wide-body version. The Thomas Henry boards have footprints for both sizes.

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Temporary Modular

by bdu on Dec.15, 2008, under media, modular, musings, plug-ins, software, video

I was really dying for a modular fix, and having just received news that my new case may not arrive until the new year, I threw a basic system together using the one 6u Analogue Systems case I have left at my disposal…

Modules used:

2 RS90 VCOs
1 RS165 Signal Mixer
1 RS180 VCA
1 RS40 Noise/ S&H
2 RS110 Multimode Filter
1 RS140 Midi->CV/Gate
1 RS270 jack adaptor

with an RS170 multiple up on top.

This more or less maxes out the power supply in the case, and definitely uses all the available power connectors on the bus board.

The patch is using midi tempo to clock the S&H and trigger the EGs. The VCA EG is decay-modulated by an LFO, the oscillators are setup as a carrier/modulator pair with sync-feedback and a bandpass filter in the feedback loop, the S&H is setting the pitch of the oscillator you hear, and the overall timbre is itself run through a bandpass filter.

The whole thing is run through an instance of Audio Damage’s Ratshack Reverb (have I mentioned lately how much I love this plugin? No? Consider it mentioned.) to give it a bit of lo-fi slapback echo.

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Waldorf RackAttack

by bdu on Dec.09, 2008, under drum machines, media, non-modular synths, pictures

Long time no bleep. Sorry, I’ve been very busy, and still no case for my modular (well-meaning inquisitive look in Shawn’s direction), so no posts for you.

But I *am* trying to sell my Waldorf RackAttack. It’s a fairly rare hardware implementation of the Attack software synth. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more flexible hardware drum synthesizer. It’s a great little box, but I don’t find myself using it often, so it needs to go to a loving new home.

Because of that, I took pictures, which is why I’m posting here. Click the pic below to go to the whole flickr set.

If you’re interested in purchasing, contact bdu at fdiskc dot com.

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