Roland TR-707 pictures

by bdu on May.02, 2009, under drum machines, media, pictures

A friend of a friend needs a 707 to stand in for his 909 on tour, and having one that I never use, I’m happy to pass it on to someone who will use it. But of course, I must take pictures first!

Full flickr set here.

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  1. chaircrusher

    ’stand in for’ as in ‘use as a prop’? A 707 can do the hats and claps but the kick would never do to replace a 909.

    That being said, if it comes back in working order I’ll buy it, to go alongside my janky 727.

  2. bdu

    Well, it’s already sold, to the fellow mentioned in the blog post. That said, in this case, it’ll be used as a midi-capable x0x drum sequencer for other sounds, and in that respect it’s a more than reasonable 909 replacement.

  3. andrew dalio

    I loved my 707 when I bought it new (1985-ish). I could use the rimshot out to synch my Pro-One’s sequencer, which was a nice bonus. But in 2003, I was getting ready to move and had a massive gear reduction. I figured the JoMox x-base 09 was the machine worth keeping ;-) Since then, I also got an AKAI MPC1000, and the 2 of them together definitely fulfill the drum jones…

  4. Juli

    You make me miss my TR-727 more than ever D:

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