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RIP Les Paul

by bdu on Aug.13, 2009, under DIY

OK, it’s not very synthy, but all electronic musicians owe this guy a lot, so I’ll make an exception.

If you’ve ever recorded one track down, located back to the beginning, armed another one, and pressed record, you’ve followed in the footsteps he pioneered.

Not to mention if you’ve ever played one of his namesake electric guitars!

He was the original musician-engineer. Pay your respects.

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D16 tackling the SH101?

by bdu on Aug.10, 2009, under media, non-modular synths, pictures, plug-ins, software

Seems like D16 may be working on an SH-101 plugin. I’m all for it if they do as good a job on this as they did with the 808/909. I could use a few more instances of my real 101, I just can’t get enough of that sound.

That said, based upon this image it looks like they’re implementing an arpeggiator but no sequencer. The SH-101 sequencer was so easy to use and fun to churn out simple patterns with that its omission would really bum me out. Don’t do it D16! Do this one up right!

Thanks to Waveformless for the heads-up.

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by bdu on Aug.06, 2009, under media, non-modular synths, pictures

I stopped by a friend’s new digs on Tuesday night, and just had to take a shot of his 202. I *WILL* have one, someday. And the first thing I do to it will be to bypass the CPU on the CV/Gate inputs. Still, hard to beat that synth in such a compact size.

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by bdu on Aug.03, 2009, under media, non-modular synths, pictures

For a period in the late 90’s early 00’s, FutureMusic ran a series of covers spicing things up in an incredibly tacky way with cover models holding the synth reviewed that month.

What was the point of this? It’s tacky and sexist. The only thing sexy about a woman with a synthesizer is if she knows how to USE it, and I have a strong inclination that this wasn’t the case here.

Anyhow, these mags recently came up on MatrixSynth, and it seems that not many people still have them, so I dug through my collection and scanned the ones I have. I believe there are others I do not own that were released after my FM collection ends.

As I said, I personally find them tacky and sexist, but I guess I’ll let you decide. Click the image below to go to the full flickr set.

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