Standalone virtual MS-20

by bdu on May.13, 2009, under DIY, media, plug-ins, software, video

OK, this is just too cool. This guy took the mainboard of his little eeepc and fitted it into the Korg Legacy Collection MS-20 USB controller, creating a standalone device. If he took it just a little further and routed audio I/O, USB (host), and VGA out to the side panel, it would be even better!

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OhmForce Cohmpost

by bdu on May.11, 2009, under media, pictures, plug-ins, software

New free plugin from the OhmForce crew, with a wonderfully child-like UI:

Also, they made sure to note that you are not to use it unless you agree completely with the license agreement:


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Roland TR-707 pictures

by bdu on May.02, 2009, under drum machines, media, pictures

A friend of a friend needs a 707 to stand in for his 909 on tour, and having one that I never use, I’m happy to pass it on to someone who will use it. But of course, I must take pictures first!

Full flickr set here.

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Module pr0n

by bdu on Apr.15, 2009, under media, modular, pictures


Doepfer 155 sequencer:

Plan B Model 15 oscillators

Bananalogue VCS

Analogue Systems RS95 oscillator

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ModDemod video demo

by bdu on Apr.12, 2009, under media, modular, video

I apologize for the camera audio, I don’t have the time to record and sync up… so you get what you get.

That said, here’s a quick demo using two PlanB model 15 oscillators feeding one half of the MakeNoise ModDemod dual ring modulator.

I botched the modulation bit, instead of grabbing the heisenberg’s stepped out, I just unplugged the smooth out from one VCO and put it into the other one. Oh well, you can’t get ‘em all 100% right, and I had no time for a re-take.

MakeNoise ModDemod from Brandon Daniel on Vimeo.

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Boys Will Make Noise

by bdu on Apr.09, 2009, under acquisitions, media, modular, pictures

MakeNoise ModDemod is in the house. No time to play until the weekend, but you get pictures now.

Full flickr set

The ModDemod is a dual passive ring modulator, in case you didn’t know…

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Some modular sound

by bdu on Mar.21, 2009, under media, modular, video

Dubstep with the modular from Brandon Daniel on Vimeo.

Drums are 808, the rest is NM G2 and the eurorack modular (or the former processed with the latter).

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Final NAMM 2009 Pics up

by bdu on Jan.18, 2009, under 2009, NAMM, media, meta, pictures

The last of my pictures are now up at fdiskc. Once again, go here and menu to NAMM Shows->winter->2005-2009->2009.

I’ll continue backfilling the NAMM blog posts here tomorrow. For now, I need some sleep for a change. Enjoy!

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Bagpipe Parade

by bdu on Jan.18, 2009, under 2009, NAMM, media, pictures

Towards the end of the day on Thursday, I was running around outside in the halls looking to meet up with friends, and was confronted with this horrific sight:

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Buchla Balloon

by bdu on Jan.18, 2009, under 2009, NAMM, media, modular, pictures

The Noisebug booth was full of these balloons Buchla and Associates had made for the show.

I’d never thought of the 200e as particularly “epicurean”, but maybe someone else feels differently…

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