Sonic Core Xite-1

by bdu on Jan.18, 2009, under 2009, NAMM, media, pictures

Sonic Core, son of Creamware, has a new product, the PCI-e or Cardbus connected Xite-1, this is edited with the Scope platform software you may be familiar with if you’re a Pulsar user. They claim 10x the horsepower of the previous Scope cards.

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Stecken Schrauben Spielen

by bdu on Jan.18, 2009, under 2009, NAMM, media, modular, pictures

Great new book brought to you by the folks from schneidersbuero, about several modern analog synth designers, both as creators of products we love and as musicians. I haven’t had a chance to take a close look yet, but I love the concept, and I hope to review it here later.

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Korg – Any Color You Like

by bdu on Jan.18, 2009, under 2009, NAMM, media, non-modular synths, pictures

Korg had the new MicroKorgXL in spades, as well as many colors:

And the nano controllers in black:

They also had their DSD 1bit recorders arranged in a new multitrack fashion, for a total of 8-track recording in this format. Neat for archiving those old master tapes that are falling apart.

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More pics from day 1

by bdu on Jan.16, 2009, under 2009, NAMM, media, pictures

I just finished uploading the rest of day 1’s pics to fdiskc. These include Plan B modular stuff, Genoqs sequencers, the new Radikal Spectralis, and some zvex stuff. Have at them!

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Metasonix Modules

by bdu on Jan.15, 2009, under 2009, NAMM, media, pictures

As I said earlier, Metasonix has some cool new stuff at the show, like the eurorack modules:

and the KV-100 multi-effect unit:

That’s it for now, I’m heading back to the show floor to close-out day 1.

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More Waldorf

by bdu on Jan.15, 2009, under 2009, NAMM, media, non-modular synths, pictures, plug-ins, software

Largo, the new software synth, looks to share some, but not all, lineage with the Blofeld. It’s missing the XT wavetable implementation, for instance. $250 in the US.

Look, it’s a Blofeld Keyboard! The pricelist I saw today said the upgrade to the module version I mentioned earlier would be about $150 in the US.

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Moog Etherwave Plus

by bdu on Jan.15, 2009, under 2009, NAMM, media, pictures

New Theremin from Moog Music with cv/gate outs.

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Akai APC-40

by bdu on Jan.15, 2009, under 2009, NAMM, media, pictures

You’ve probably seen info on this already, but a lot of people weren’t allowed to quote price just yet. I’ve signed nothing away, and saw the Ableton press conference this morning where they announced it, so I’ll share this with you, my dear readers: $399 MAP.

Also, it appears that in conjunction with MAX for Live, it’s possible to interface with this controller in more novel ways, the demo showed a scanning step-sequencer on the LED-lit buttons, a-la monome, so I think there’s potential there beyond just a cool hardware UI for Live.

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First picture dump of NAMM 2009

by bdu on Jan.15, 2009, under meta, pictures

Go get yer pics already! click on NAMM, navigate to 2009. Enjoy.

More posts coming soon, there’s a lot to talk about. I took video of the whole Ableton press conference this morning, hope to have that up tonight.

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MOTU Volta analog integration plug-in

by bdu on Jan.15, 2009, under 2009, NAMM, media, modular, pictures, plug-ins, software

MOTU was showing off something that absolutely blew my mind this morning: Volta.

It’s a plug-in intended for use with any of their DC-capable audio interfaces (Like, say, a Traveller or 828), it allows multi-channel PitchCV/Gate/ControlCV out to your modular system. Its interface is like a grid for your IO, each output is a box in the grid. Into the grid, you place (drag and drop-style) the voltage source for that output. You may choose from items as mundane as the channel’s midi input (for things like note data), or as crazy as step/trigger sequencers, LFOs, clock sources, etc.

This all sounds pretty neat, right? But wait, it gets better…

There’s a built-in calibration and scaling tool, so that it can automatically determine the proper CV scale to generate musical pitches from your possibly-less-than-perfect analog oscillators.

Now how much would you pay?

They couldn’t quote an exact price, but they said to expect in the $250 range. Of course there is the cost of a MOTU audio interface if you don’t already have one. That said, killer product for analog geeks like me, way to go MOTU, I know this must have been a hard one to pitch to management.

Pictures from the presentation after the cut…
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