Temporary Modular

by bdu on Dec.15, 2008, under media, modular, musings, plug-ins, software, video

I was really dying for a modular fix, and having just received news that my new case may not arrive until the new year, I threw a basic system together using the one 6u Analogue Systems case I have left at my disposal…

Modules used:

2 RS90 VCOs
1 RS165 Signal Mixer
1 RS180 VCA
1 RS40 Noise/ S&H
2 RS110 Multimode Filter
1 RS140 Midi->CV/Gate
1 RS270 jack adaptor

with an RS170 multiple up on top.

This more or less maxes out the power supply in the case, and definitely uses all the available power connectors on the bus board.

The patch is using midi tempo to clock the S&H and trigger the EGs. The VCA EG is decay-modulated by an LFO, the oscillators are setup as a carrier/modulator pair with sync-feedback and a bandpass filter in the feedback loop, the S&H is setting the pitch of the oscillator you hear, and the overall timbre is itself run through a bandpass filter.

The whole thing is run through an instance of Audio Damage’s Ratshack Reverb (have I mentioned lately how much I love this plugin? No? Consider it mentioned.) to give it a bit of lo-fi slapback echo.

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by bdu on Nov.23, 2008, under drum machines, media, mixer, modular, musings, pictures

waiting for a home

Word has it that my monster case shall be heading to southern California around the end of the month, so I’ve started putting the studio back together in the wake of our yearly Bay Area Analogue Heaven meet-up.

Usually the whole thing is run sans-mixer, using 16 channels of analog to optical conversion that then route into the computer, but I spotted a way to fit my six-channel Seck mixer into the tightly-packed room in such a way that it can be easily patched around with the patchbay. What does that mean? Mixer dub delay loops FTW!

Mixer pics and a bonus 808 shot after the cut…
(continue reading…)

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State of the modular

by bdu on Nov.06, 2008, under acquisitions, media, modular, musings, pictures

I am, for the first time in many years, without a modular synthesizer. “What?” you say, “How did that happen?”

No, I’m not out of love with patch cables and space heaters, I’ve just decided for a re-org. When I first bought into eurorack, there were really only three purveyors of this crack: Doepfer, Analogue Systems, and Analogue Solutions. Doepfer didn’t have anywhere near the range of quality that they have now, and their bread-and-butter modules did not impress me. As a result, I ended up with a whole shed-load of Analogue Systems modules, as they were definitely a step up. As Doepfer expanded their product line, and other manufacturers got in the game, I acquired some of that as well, but the rig was primarily centered around the ASys modules, and all housed in 6u racks.

A few months ago I decided to refactor. Two of my three RS90s ought to go, I have two Plan B model 15s that I use far more often (I’ll keep one RS90 for it’s wide-sweeping tune knob). I’ll probably replace EGs with doepfer quad EGs, LFOs for Plan B elf LFOs etc. Basically, going for more functionality in smaller space to make room for the future.

Speaking of room, the reason I currently have no modular is that I have traded all but one of my 6u racks in for a monster case, and I’m waiting for the next shipment of them to arrive. Hopefully early in December I’ll be able to re-assemble my rig and play again, just in time for the winter break from school.

Good thing, too, as I have an STG/Soundlabs Wave Folder waiting to be abused, and a TipTop Audio Z3000 oscillator on the way.

Here’s the old system:
old racks, gone now

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